Placido Domingo - Thais
Plácido Domingo - Thaïs

Massenet - Thaïs

Thursday 25th October,
Sunday 28th October, and
Wednesday 31st October

Teatro de la Maestranza, Sevilla

Set in Egypt during the Byzantine rule, this three act opera tells the story of devoted monk, Athanaël, who takes it upon himself to convert the beautiful Alexandrian courtesan, Thaïs, to a life of devotion and faith after seeing her in a vision.  He travels to Alexandria and meets with Thaïs, but it soon becomes apparent that his obsession with her is not as pure as he had intended.  Whilst Thaïs achieves purity of heart, the monk’s true nature is revealed.

This tragic tale of religion and love brings together an all star cast, including Plácido Domingo as the doomed monk Athanaël.

Co-production with The Göteborg Opera and The Finnish National Opera.

2012 Programme

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